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Mondrian jazz

by  Kaynine           submitted:  2013-07-12 12:33           size: 03228 kB
An old animation which has proved to be one of most viewed in my Youtube channel and which is now being added to the archive of a Virtual Museum which is being developed in Europe. I have been able to upload it to the gallery by using Format Factory to reduce the file size to below 4mb.
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Fewest keyframe challenge

by  Kaynine           submitted:  2012-11-01 05:26           size: 01166 kB
A friend set me a challenge - to tell a simple story using the fewest number of keyframes. This little movie used just TWO keyframes with tweening set at 50 x 0.062 --- The sleigh slides off the roof --- Santa pops up when it crash-lands to see what has happened --- Rudolph peers through a window wondering if it was a good idea to park the sleigh --- a wintery word slides down the roof --- a caption slides in from the left. Surely this shows how powerful Artoonix can be?
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Artoonix as a tool for image manipulation

by  Kaynine           submitted:  2011-05-21 12:47           size: 01731 kB
Silent gif showing how Artoonix was used for image manipulation when making slides for a sequence of wedding photos. (1st frame flies by quickly on 1st loop)
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Darkness falls

by  Kaynine           submitted:  2010-05-03 05:23           size: 00253 kB
An ultra-quick test of a style and an idea that I might think about developing in the future.
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by  Kaynine           submitted:  2009-11-24 07:51           size: 00451 kB
The surprise here is that I didn't think this effect would work. I'm trying some experiments for my next project and wanted a view that began dark and blurred which then lightened and came into focus. This is what I like about Artoonix - the surprise when something works. (I now realise that I even did this in the wrong way and yet the effect is still close to what I wanted). I've amended this test so that it plays as a loop.
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