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My account

"My account" allows each registered user to access their own space on - My account. Here the users can login-in with their e-mail that was used to register the software and their Artoonix registration code (after the first login, an alternative password can be selected).

Member enter

Select the option "Remember me on this computer" if you want to have the e-mail and password to be filled in automatically for you, but please remember, that this can compromise the level of confidentiality of your credentials.

When logged-in, you will see your personal page with a number options that will be described below. It will look something like this:

Account page


Change e-mail

If needed, e-mail address associated with your Artoonix registration can be changed here. It will also be used for logging into the member account.

Change email


Alternative password

First time you log in, you have to use the registration code that was sent to you after Artoonix registration. You should choose an alternative password here (at least 6 characters/numbers) and use it as alternative for logging into the member account (please note that this password cannot be used as a registration code in Artoonix software itself). It is strongly recommended to disable product registration code as a password because this allows to protect your account from unintended access.

Alternative password


Registration code retrieval

Should you for any reason loose your registration code for Artoonix software, you can request it here - it will be immediately mailed to the e-mail address that you use to log into your account

Request regcode



You can subscribe/unsubscribe to Artoonix-related mailing lists here.



Registration transfer

You can transfer your purchase to another person, as a gift, for instance. A 4-step wizard is here to walk you through the process. Please note that the transfer of registration means that you cannot use it yourself any longer. If you would like to continue using registered version of Artoonix, you will need to obtain a new registration. You will keep your "My account" on

Step 1.

Select the product you want to transfer.

Purchase Transfer Step 1

Step 2.

Here you fill in the details of the recipient, most fields are optional apart from recipient's e-mail and name.

Purchase Transfer Step 2

Step 3.

If you wish, you can also add some text to the e-mail notification of the purchase transfer (e.g. "Happy birthday!").

Purchase Transfer Step 3

Step 4.

Validate all the information (especially the e-mail of the recipient!).

Purchase Transfer Step 4

By clicking the button "Finish" you will initiate transfer - e-mail will be sent to the recipient with acceptance link.

Accept transfer

The recipient will then be automatically registered as a user and he will get an additional e-mail with her/his registration code.

Transfer recall

Until the moment of recipient's acceptance, you can recall your transfer. Click "Manage" to get the history of your transfers.

Transfer manage

To cancel transfer, click"Recall". The recipient then will get a message that his transfer was recalled.