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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 11:54 am 
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For what they're worth, I've jotted down a few thoughts about other peoples' animations and styles. You can learn a lot by studying what others have done or tried to do.
FIRE TEST ANIMATION - simple but very effective candle flame simulation.
FOUND ME A CAPE - One of several animators who like the stick-figure style. Although there are a few long pauses, the loop is effective.
FLY BY NIGHT GUITAR SOLO - Another stick figure by the same animator, but this uses good synchronisation to sound.
BALL BOUNCE (EXTENDED) - Good example of how and when to distort an object when it hits an obstacle. Good use of sound effects.
SMILE - Classic line-pencil animation using onion-skinning. Lines look too clean and fluid to have been done with the Artoonix drawing tool, so may be imported images from work with a drawing tablet. If not - if this was all done in Artoonix ... Wow!!!
BATTLE FOR THE PEARL CITY - Excellent example of how to draw and animate characters without the use of 'bones' options which are usually only found in professional animation software.
A BOAT, SOME WATER, AND A PENCIL - Good (if rather fast) example of how to realise and complete a simple idea in a very few frames.
ROTATING SHRUIKEN - Ultra-simple example of how to use Translation and Rotate functions to make an object spin at an increasing rate.
FUNSHINE - Brilliant example of one way to animate to the lyrics and rhythm of music. No wonder it's got 16 votes of 5/5 so far. A MUST-SEE.
HOME ALONE - Weird, surreal and fascinating example of animation to music using a totally different approach. ANOTHER MUST-SEE.
ALIEN SPACE EXPLODE - Short but useful demo of how to create a realistic explosion effect.
WATER TEST No.2 - Water is infamously difficult to animate but this is a very creditable example of how it can be done in Artoonix.
CASTLE WITH FIREWORKS - Useful as an example of what could have been done with more firework effects, some colour and some sound.
JOGGER - Excellent running man cycle.
FLAME AND SPEED - Drawing styles don't come any simpler than this and so this movie demonstrates just how easily a young child can develop and animate a whole storyline with just a bit of help. The long run of credits at the end are often amusing.
TELL-TALE HEART - Gruesome but interesting animation of a famous poem. In some ways, the style is similar to 'Funshine' - but the mood is VERY different!
GRANNY GETS A TATTOO - Fascinating example of how to exploit classic cel-style animation techniques in Artoonix. A single background is used, but is 'animated' by overlaying mouths, hands, arms and objects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING if you want to try something a bit different.
RETRO REMIX - Animation style based on the 'big pixel' idea.
VOLCANO - First, short part is a simple animation of a volcano erupting. Second part is an example of how to play around with word and writing styles - but I'm unsure why just one 'flash' frame has to include \"Gay? How What?\"
TEST ANIMATION - Early test animation of a warrior with a gun.
MY 2nd ARTOONIX ANIMATION - Early test animation of a figure with a gun and sword.
ARDENT HEAT - SUPERB animation of various desert scenes. Wonderful atmosphere and excellent use of music. AN ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE and no wonder it has the largest collection of 5/5 ratings.
DRINKGOBOOM - Mixture of line and stick animation with other styles to tell the story of a man being poisoned.
SEAGULL - Interesting flight-cycle as a bird flies towards you and 'pecks' through the screen.

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