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PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:29 am 
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This isn't feedback about the program itself (which I love), but about the general atmosphere within this forum.

With only a few minor and occasional exceptions, the people who use and contribute to this forum are essentially friendly and supportive.
This impression has recently been made very apparent to me recently in the following way ....

As anyone who has viewed some of my gallery or Youtube uploads will know, one of my occasional areas of interest is to look for ways to integrate the output from other programs into Artoonix animations. Often, this is done as a way of trying to offset areas of weakness such as having no way to link objects with 'bones' or 'pins', or maybe as a way of introducing some additional types of drawing effect, or maybe as a way of encouraging other users to try something different, or just for the introduction of effects or styles of animation that aren't immediately associated with Artoonix.

To this end, I have recently been using one particular program and, as a way of gaining some additional insights and information I joined the forum for that program and posted a few queries and a couple of links for the first tests ...... WOW ! What a difference to this forum! I was almost immediately hit with responses that could only be described as arrogant, rude and innane. I don't lay claims to be much of an artist or even a particularly good animator, but the responders totally ignored my explanations of the uploads as tests of effects or as a way of exploring ways to integrate that program with Artoonix.

I can only conjecture that those particular responders either (a) couldn't be bothered to read my explanatory notes which identified the uploads as tests, or (b) they took offence at 'their' program being combined with (contaminated by?) another or (c) they are totally intolerant of anyone who doesn't match up to their own level (or ideal) as animators. It was all very negative, unfriendly, unhelpful and odd. Even worse, their subsequent comments tried to justify their attitude by 'explaining' that this is what the internet is like.

Interestingly, the program developer commented in a PM that his program (and the forum) is mostly used \"... by kids ...\" and that, of course, is exactly the same 'target audience' at which Artoonix is aimed. I dread to think what effect the arrogant negativity of those forum responders would have on young people who might upload links to their own first efforts. No wonder I feel no inclination to identify which of the many stick-figure programs it is that I've been using! And after all, this is only a stick-based program which, by design, is incredibly specialised and limited. It was precisely as a way of trying to broaden that scope that I have been running my own tests. Some folks, I guess, are too entrenched in their own little worlds.

In fairness, I do have to say that one particular member of that forum and also the program developer apologised on behalf of the forum - but the fact that they felt the need to apologise is what brought home to me how different this forum is. For me, this forum represents what the internet should be like.

And long may it remain so, at least in our own little world.

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